Building on his own construction experience, Earl G. Weaver, then in partnership with his brother, began his own construction business in 1968. (To put that in chronological place, 1968 was when the Vietnam war was at its height, Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated, and Richard Nixon was elected president.)

Over time, Earl’s father and additional brothers joined Earl’s young crew. From the beginning, their driving commitment was to provide uncompromised quality in construction and long-term customer satisfaction.

That drive continues to this day, even as the family’s second generation management continues the legacy. Today, the company is lead by Delmas Gehman.

In this business, we find that while styles and products change, values never do. Even while we look to the future of construction services and innovations, we remain very rooted in the tradition of quality and customer service that made our company what it is.

Earl Weaver Contractors builds custom homes. And trust. It’s a job we’ve been doing since 1968, and we want to do it for you.

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Serving Lebanon Valley for 5 Decades

Since our beginning, we have provided exceptional service and high-quality homes and additions to our neighbors in the Lebanon Valley and throughout central Pennsylvania. Our service area includes all of Lebanon, Berks, Schuylkill, Dauphin, and Lancaster counties.